About the PM in Heels

The PM in Heels works with great teams to build products that customers love for a startup in the Boston area.  She lives in South Boston with her husband and their two dogs, Gunner and Rekji.  She was on the board of directors for the Boston Product Management Association (BPMA), is a co-founder of Boston Women in Product(BWP), works part-time as an instructor at General Assembly and is available for consulting work for Product Management, Product Development, and Project Management.

She is responsible for being the voice of the customer when structuring the immediate and long-term strategy for product development.  She focuses her time in three key areas (business, technology and user experience) in order to create the optimal customer experience.  She works to support and prioritize customer requests and acts as the product owner within the development scrum team.

Originally from Long Island, the PM in Heels spent 4 years in college at SUNY Geneseo near Buffalo, NY before becoming a product manager.  She has consistently delivered optimized e-commerce experiences by identifying revenue enhancing opportunities within new and existing product lines.  She has spent time at both small start-ups and large global organizations in product management, responsible for identifying and implementing the product strategy for e-commerce platforms.  She has also worked for small divisions of Experian and Reed Elsevier, focusing on enhancing existing products and bringing new products to their respective markets. 

She received her MBA from Babson College. While at Babson, she has focused on entrepreneurship and innovation, paying particularly close attention to the start-up community. In her free time the PM in Heels like to box, run, spend time with her family, cook, listen to great music, and sometimes, relax. The PM in Heels is a big sports fan, and you can catch her at a Bruins and Patriots game when she can fit it into her schedule.

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