Life Update + Product Management Discussion + UX Book Club (OH MY!)

It has been QUITE the year already, and I’m only half way in!  This year I’ve changed jobs, graduated from Babson College with my MBA, gotten promoted (at my new job), and done tons of customer experience research.  My career has taken off and I really feel like I have a great handle on product management, but always think I can learn more.  I’m looking forward to getting back to blogging, and hopefully leading some new discussions on product management in the Boston area.

Some of the topics that I’ve thought of for new posts are:

  • Prioritization and how to say no
  • Creating road-maps and how to share them
  •  A product manager’s role within a larger company initiative
  • Finding a good product manager
  • Careers after product management
  • Instilling urgency: balancing a team in that magical spot between stress and inertness
  • Agile development and product management
  • e-Commerce product management: driving features and functionality
I'm also very excited to attend this talk in Cambridge, MA later this month where Christopher Cummings will be leading a discussion on Product Management.  Here's a link to sign up!

I'm also a part of the UX community in Boston., and leading a discussion for the UX Book Club.  Mobile First, by Luke Wroblewski Register here!
Come join me in August to talk about

Does anyone have suggestions on future posts?  It's certainly going to be a busy Summer and Fall!  I'd love to join other product managers and lead some discussions around product management and user experience.  Let me know if you hear of anything coming up!

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