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Product managers don't usually have the opportunity to directly manage anyone.  Even when you get the title "Director, Product Management" the focus remains on the work you produce, and sometimes building a team falls by the wayside.  That's why I believe it is so important for product managers to learn how to coach other people effectively.  The difference between coaching and managing is that coaching allows you to work with someone to help them advance without the pressure of deadlines and job responsibilities; it becomes more of a mentoring opportunity.  One of the gaps I have on my resume is that I don't have direct management experience.  While I manage a team of other people for the projects that I am working on, these individuals do not report to met and therefore I have a bit of trouble with Authority.  Being able to effectively coach and lead a team to success is something that we should all aim to be great at!

This summer I will be taking a certification class at Babson called Coaching Inside the Organization.  I wanted to share this with all of you in case you were coming up against the same issues I was.  Here are a few bullet points for what the certification teaches:
  • Cultivate a coaching culture at your company with your coaching certification
  • Create solutions for your organization, including two started in the program
  • Analyze case studies that illustrate a range of coaching styles
  • Partner and network with peers to form a coaching support team
  • Receive feedback through evaluations and video sessions
"You’ll find your coaching certification is a valuable professional asset, no matter where your career takes you."

What certification classes do you think are helpful?  Which have you attended!?

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