November, Goals and Unconferences!

Let me start by saying that my thoughts are with all of the people and businesses affected by Hurricane Sandy this weekend.  My hometown survived, but they still don't have power.  Thoughts are with everyone in the New York metro area!

Last month, I posted about what my goals for the next few months were - and they seem to be coming along great!  I have a few interesting things planned over the next few weeks that are really going to jump-start my new ideas.

This weekend I have a brainstorming session to finalize some ideas I have brewing for a business.  I have a feeling I'll be going a little "mad-scientist" and it should really help my creativity.  As a product manager, I find that I can listen to the market and what they want - I'm just trying to get a bit better at figuring out how to create something they don't know that they want by addressing their needs.  I'm taking a marketing class at Babson right now, which fits in perfectly with where I am in figuring out a new venture!

Next up is the MassTLC Unconference on November 16th.  I'm pumped about going - I've heard great things about it not only from other product managers, but from fellow Babson students as well.  Have any of you ever been?  What can I expect?  I like the idea of Unconference's, I went to the Boston Product Camp a few months ago and thought it was excellent!  (Check out their site, they're all over the country!) These types of forums are really useful in generating ideas and discussions around some of the key areas product managers need to develop.  At product camp there was information on freemium models, how to engage your sales team, and how to prioritize requirements - it was a great mix of information.  I hope to post some information here about the conferences I attend (Stay Tuned!).

As for the running, I've been boxing 3 times a week, I played a bit of tennis last weekend when I was in Florida and a bit of running with Gunner.  I might not finish first, but I will definitely finish!  I am looking forward to that Thanksgiving Dinner after a nice hard run!

What other conferences are you attending to expand your knowledge?  What do you expect to get out of them?  Have any of you presented?  I've thought of presenting, but I don't know what to present about!

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