Customer Experience + Innovation

I'm combining two topics for my post today, customer experience and innovation.  I've managed to find a company that focuses on both!

Poor customer service/experience really gets my blood boiling- it's part of the reason I shop (almost exclusively) at Nordstrom.  Customer service has been the "make it or break it" point for many organizations- but what about customer experience?  Innovating a shopping experience isn't something that enough companies have attempted to look at in recent years with new technologies.  Sure, you walk into a particular store in a shopping mall and get the same experience there that you would in any of it's 200 other locations - but are they innovating and incorporating new technologies?

I posted this article from LinkedIn on my twitter (@PMinHeels)account today.  The Nordstrom Innovation lab took a simple activity, trying on sunglasses, and continued to iterate until it came up with the perfect way to try on sunglasses  ultimately using an iPad to compare which pair looked best.  What I find interesting and really exciting is that there are companies using new technologies to innovate and improve the customer experience.  And not all of these companies are start-ups!

When I think of my own business, I think of the initial phase of setting up the company and growing it.  But what do we do when our businesses and ventures stop innovating?  How can entrepreneurs and business owners ensure that their businesses innovate and bring new ideas to the table, even after years of success?

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