Conducting customer surveys!

Today we sent out a customer survey to gather feedback from our users.  We'll also be conducting customer interviews, focus groups and site visits to understand how our users like our services and what we can improve.

Normally, I use Survey Monkey to do my surveys - they're great!  Since I wasn't ready to sign up for an account, and had more than 10 questions/100 participants, I wasn't sure what to do.  A coworker recommended using Google Forms - and it worked out GREAT!  I have to say, I'm very happy not only with the survey and the functionality, but the way the responses are tracked as well.  And it's FREE with your GMAIL account!

What else are people using for surveys?  Is there something that's more interactive?  I haven't seen anything come across that's mind-blowing, even when I get surveys from Apple or Nordstrom to review their products and customer service.  Any thoughts? Suggestions?  How do you get your customers to respond to these?


  1. Probably the best solution out there is Eloqua, but it makes Survey Monkey seem like a steal. Its strength is that it has a lot of back end analytical tools, and metrics on the success of the survey. My last company used it extensively, and it was awesome.

    I have to say that I hate Survey Monkey. Even if you pay for a full account, at the end of the survey, they can't seem to refrain from trying to "sell" their service to the survey responders. Groan.

    But the best surveys are the ones that are compelling enough to get people to open the email, to respond to the survey, and thus you get high, meaningful statistics.

  2. Eloqua is awesome! I've used this before and we've just signed an agreement with them for the new company I work at. It should be interesting to apply their tools to a survey.

    The Google form has been helpful so far, it's driven our results but I'd rather see the form embedded in an email. We have many people opening the email but not all are taking the survey.

    Do you have any recommendations for blogs or people to talk with about creating compelling content for surveys?


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