A/B Testing

A-B testing is something that's been on my mind lately.  Even though the product I manage requires a log-in, there is still a need to evaluate the e-commerce and trial registration process.  One of the key metrics we use to determine success is our conversion rate from trail-ist to customer.  We are currently building the functionality to  complete A-B testing - and I am curious to know what other people are doing to work through this.

What are you testing?  Where are you testing it?  What has it proved?  How has it helped your site?

I found a really good presentation that reviews what A-B testing is (and G-testing) and how people can use it to improve their sites.  I'll take a few of the key points from it and explain them here, I'm most interested to hear what others have to say about it!

  • Develop two versions of a page
  • Randomly show different versions to users
  • Track how users perform
  • Evaluate (that's where statistics comes in)
  • Use the better version
What to test:
  • Removing form fields
  • Adding relevant form fields
  • Marketing landing pages
  • Different explanations
  • Having interstitial pages
  • Email content
Conversion Funnel

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