Working in a less-than-agile environment...

In the world of technology it is extremely important to be agile in your new (and existing) product development.  How can you overcome this if your work environment can't develop quickly?

Many of the people reading this blog have reached out to me on different topics (thank you!) and all have echoed similar topics around being agile in your development.  If you are able to solve a problem your customer is having AND create the right experience for your customer, you should!  There's no need to wait and aggravate your existing customers, or run the risk of someone coming in and doing it before you do.  In large companies where there are many stakeholders involved in projects, it's tough to be agile.  Are there any tricks to overcome this type of challenge?

Conversely, when you are in an agile environment and can develop and release products quickly, how can you make sure you aren't doing things too quickly?  I think that finding the right balance between research to support a release and actually releasing new products is where a business can make or break it.  Babson College (where I am getting my MBA) focuses their curriculum on entrepreneurial learning and thinking, and has a strong network of start-ups.  I have been getting advice and learning from many of the leaders of these companies, and am always interested in their product release processes.

What are some of your product release processes?  How important is the ability to be agile?  Are there negative implications to being too agile?

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