Resources for usability testing

Recently, I was involved in a project to complete usability testing to see how the market would react to some of the UI changes we were planning to complete in the upcoming release.  The testing was a huge success, and I encourage you to complete usability testing if you are looking to get feedback about a new project or product.  The analysis and presentation of this test provided compelling data to present to the leaders of the organization I work for, which resulted in additional project funding and resources.

I'll give you my two-cents about how to get a project like this started, and am more than happy to hear feedback on what you've done for usability testing! 

I worked with Usabilla and Wufoo to complete the usability testing.
  • Usabilla provides a really good template for asking questions,tracking users responses, and response time.
  • Wufoo provides a way to track your users information
You'll need:
  • Email addresses and contact information from a list of prospective, previous and current customers for the product you're testing
  • PDF's or any image type (even screen shots!) are useful tools to do comparison, or to test users 

What tools are you using?  What processes do you follow?

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