Product Manager vs. Product Marketing Manger...

My pragmatic marketing certification has been extremely useful in guiding the way I prioritize and build out requirements, as well as prioritize my daily job function.  My current title is Product Manager, and we have Product Marketing Managers as well.  I frequently read the articles posted on the Pragmatic Marketing Website and there was an interesting one about the responsibilities of a product manager vs. a product marketing manager.

This article, titled "What's on your plate?" looks at several statistics on product management roles and what the typical job responsibilities are.  Product marketing and product managers both tend to examine market problems, with product marketing planning launch activities and product management focuses on writing product requirements.  Most of the time, I feel like there's nothing that product managers don't do - and this article speaks to just that.  It seems that there is a lot of overlap between the two titles, and that the role of a product manager changes in various organizations.  If you then throw Technical Product Manager into the mix, how can we distinguish between what the differences are?

What are the major components of your role?  Do you fill more of a marketing role or more of a technical role?  Where does product management sit in your organization?  Is it more technical product management or product marketing?  What are the big differences between the two, in your opinion?


  1. Touche my friend! You make an excellent point that PM's need to jump into whatever role is necessary, and I completely agree! I think that willing to 'get their hands dirty' is one of the key characteristics of a great product manager.

    In the real world there is so much overlap - so where does it end? This is the beauty of product management, that it's always changing. It keeps me interested and engaged in my job.

    Thanks for the comment!

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