Product Experience vs. Mobile Product Experience - Does it matter?

As a product manager (and as a little bit of a nerd!) I am extremely interested in mobile apps and sites, but my company isn't ready to move into the mobile space.  We are doing things to get ready for mobile application development, we haven't released anything.I've been talking with product managers throughout the industry, and it seems there is a frequent theme - how can we get mobile product management experience if the companies we work for aren't ready for development?  And what are the differences between product management, and mobile product management?

The more research that I do, the more I think that it doesn't matter.  If creating the best user and product experience is the end goal, then why does having experience in mobile applications matter?  I do believe that there is value in prioritizing features and deciding what you put in your mobile site or application, I'm just not sure you need the skills to test it out.  Since my company isn't ready to move into the mobile space quite yet, I'm going to release my own app (About Me!) so I can go through the process of creating the workflows, wire frames and promotion for this type of product.  It may be that prioritizing the features of the mobile application or site is where you have to shine.

So, what do you think?  What's the difference between overall product management and mobile product management? How can we learn the mobile experience and note differences?

Sorry, not too much available in terms of research here - but I am really looking for some guidance!  Any ideas!?

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