Going social!

The social media bug bit me and I’ve been going full speed at using it for career development and job learning.  The web has proven to be a great resource to find information on the topic you’re researching as well as providing information to those looking for it.  Currently, I am a product manager for online construction cost data products.  I absolutely love product management and have learned a lot along the way.  I’ve also decided to go back to school to get my MBA and am attending Babson College in Wellesley, MA.  

Recently I’ve been faced with two challenges – one, how to get experience in mobile application product management and two, how to code.  If your company isn’t doing mobile application development or support, how can I start doing it?  Since I don’t have a development background, how can I get development experience?  Over the next few weeks, I am going to build my own iPhone App and learn to code (basic)!  Wish me luck!

I’ve found a few useful sites that many of you may be aware of.  The first is for codingwww.codecademy.com and provides tutorials for coding.  It’s been fun so far!  The other is Quora, which is a resource for asking questions about pretty much anything – I’ve been using that to get mobile application support. 
Stay tuned for more updates!

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