Do I really need to develop a more technical background

Who do you report to?  Product Management reports to the CIO in the company I work for.  I feel compelled to be more skilled with product development and architecture, but do I need to become more specialized in this area? 

I read a very interesting article about where product management belongs in an organization.  Marketing? Sales? IT?  It seems that the real question is more "what does success look like for product management", rather than where they report. Product Managers are responsible for so many things that it seems wasteful to have them focus in one particular area.  If I've gotten this far without the technical background, what do I need to know to move forward with my career?  If I spend so much time focusing on the technical knowledge I think I need, am I missing out on developing other skills that are more important?

I'd like to focus my efforts over the next 6 months in mobile application development and product management.  How can I get started if my company doesn't have plans to enter this marketplace?
Here are a few articles / postings that I found that make me think I can manage mobile application products without having experience!  What do you think?

Quora: How can I learn to be a good Product Manager?

 Pragmatic Marketing: Where-Does-Product-Management-Belong-in-the-Organization

Quora: Great Google Product Managers

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